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Dream & Vision of Institute

It is every child’s dream to learn, but so many children out there do not get the education they deserve, simply because of a scarcity of educational institutions in their area or because after a certain level they simply lose the urge to finish their studies. We at Aashray place a great deal of emphasis on education and have furthermore aligned ourselves to the very real fact that there are numerous young women out there who have no access to proper education.
Indeed, ‘knowledge is power’ and what better way to impart that very power to so many deserving young women out there, than in the setting up of institutes that pride themselves on the fact that they actually empowers women out there to learn; the very same women who actually have a strong inherent desire to learn but go without doing so simply because of the lack of resources available to them.

Siddhivinayak Institute of Paramedical Studies

The Siddhivinayak Institute of Paramedical Studies is the absolute ‘mecca’ of nursing studies’. Located at Siddhivinayak Hospital in Kalyan (E), which is a new charitable hospital that is launched by our group, it is already recognized and making new headways in the field of nursing education.

Educational Mission of Institute

It is our mission to be recognized as an institution that is prided on its outstanding research and unparalleled education services. We plan to contribute significantly to greater education, because we believe that learning is a continual process. We only strive to produce the very best examples of human beings who will set foot in the world out there as the most compassionate and prolific nurses who are able to handle their jobs with the utmost dignity and patience.In the end we recognize that human lives are best treated with ‘humans’, and not merely with ‘medicines’.

University Affiliation

Bharat Sevak Samaj and Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Mukth Vidyapeeth are spanking new organizations from Aashray in the field of education that have been set up primarily with the goal of educating those who are less privileged than others, thus allowing one of their most pivotal needs to be satisfied. Since their inception a large number of young girls have been provided with that much needed helping hand of support, giving them wings to fly and soar towards their dreams.


In the year 2013 the Siddhivinayak Institute of Paramedical Studies was bestowed with the prestigious ‘Revolutionary Award’ by the ‘CEDP Vocational Institute’. This is indeed a very big honor for it and that reflects on the posterity of its founder organization ‘Aashray’ as well.

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