Ashray Welfare Foundation

Aashray Legal Services arose primarily due to the dearth of good lawyers as far as ‘gender equality’ cases were concerned. This meant getting together individuals who could think ‘out of the box’ and come up with innovative new ways to defend the rights of their clients from a gender perspective that was unique. Be it through campaigns or interventions, they have successfully found ways in which to break through the erstwhile cocoon of ‘silence’ and give a whole new voice to women who were struggling to find any semblance of voice as far as defending their rights in court was concerned. Aashray Legal Service is primarily woven around two components: the ‘Legal’ and the ‘Cultural’. Here are some of the objectives that Aashray Legal Services strives to meet.

The right legal-'mix'

To protect the legal rights of all individuals through most effective legal counseling, representation and strategies that go beyond the usual.

Getting the facts right

To pinpoint exactly all the available avenues that are available for the client as well as going into a thorough understanding of the law.

Offset those derogatory laws

Setting public interest litigations and policy level interventions in actions so as to offset any discriminatory laws that might be p.

Legal Counseling

It’s most important to understand, in today’s world more than ever, that if you need to understand and consolidate those ‘rights’ of yours, then you really must have a thorough understanding of the law. What a sound understanding of the law does is enforce women with all the knowledge they need to get their work done and beat the very same legal system that would otherwise work against them. It gives them a voice: a sense of freedom to fly without restriction. We offer Legal Counseling to all women, irrespective of the class or community to which they belong. We tell you exactly what your legal rights are and how you can access the legal options that are available to you. Make sure you don’t waste any more time than that which you might have already done, because legal intervention is really most important when it is delivered in a timely manner, much like in the case of medical intervention.
Simply drop into our Mumbai office for that vital bit of legal consultancy, or pick up the phone and call us if you don’t have the time to visit us in person. You could also write us an email, if you like. We are waiting eagerly to hear from you.

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