Ashray Welfare Foundation

They say health is wealth, and for good reason indeed. Sadly, the less privileged members of our society do not get even a fraction of the healthcare they deserve. This is where we come in, striving to provide that valuable medical assistance to those who are less fortunate than we are. We seek to bring a smile on their faces with by doling out that health care to them with the greatest deal of compassion. We really do believe that the underprivileged need all the more love and attention from us. We at Aashray have very high standards as far as quality is concerned, and hence make sure that we continually improve the quality of our equipment and medical processes involves, so that we can take our level of medical assistance a few notches higher and exceed the expectations that our patients and their families have in us.

Here is a quick look at the medical projects that have been undertaken by Aashray.

Sidhhivinayak Hospital

When it comes to charitable hospitals, few live up to the high degree of responsibility the name entails, like Siddhivinayak hospital founded by Aashray does. It’s a relatively new outfit. The best part about this hospital is that a whopping 20 percent of its beds are reserved for those who cannot afford medical treatment at all.
This completely charitable section of the hospital makes sure that women who are suffering form women related diseases get the best possible treatment, alongside those who cannot afford medicines that are naturally given to them entirely free of cost. After all, the organization is founded on the very basic principles of women empowerment. Of course, it is integral for the patient to be registered with Aashray Welfare Organization, before they can begin to get the desired help.

Jeevanjyoti Hospital

The medical profession is truly a most virtuous and noble profession, and what better way to state it than by being an organization that has been incepted with the prime purpose of giving and not taking We at Aashray do not seek profitability rather we seek to make it profitable for the patients who visit us by giving them world-class treatment and resuscitating them to their prime health!
Over twenty five thousand people so far have benefited from the exemplary O.P.D. services that have been provided by Jeevanjyoti hospital, from the stage of its inception in the year 2009, which was coincidentally the year that Aashray was formed in the very first place. Even more than the aforementioned number of people have been successfully treated at Jeevanjyoti Hospital at merely a fraction of the cost that would have been incurred by those patients in hospitals elsewhere.
Jeevanjyoti hospital is special to us because it is the proverbial baby that has been launched by us, as far as the field of medical care is concerned. Our world-class diagnostics, medical expertise and nursing care ensure that we adhere to only the highest standards possible, setting an example for our other hospitals and even to those potential ones in the pipeline.

Charitable Clinic

As we have briefly touched upon earlier, there is a massive dearth of good medical care for those who cannot afford it. There are several reported cases of people waiting to be admitted into hospitals, only to be denied medical assistance because they simply cannot afford to pay that deposit.
One of the greatest possible things that Sadguru Shree Jadhav Baba Charitable Clinic did, was to introduce a most nominal fee of only Rs. 2 in order to get a thorough checkup as far as ailing patients was concerned. From the time of its inception in the year 2015 to March 2014, which is a period of only seven months, a staggering figure of 3657 patients were checked up thoroughly for this nominal sum. Alongside this a similarly large number of people, totaling 1768, have been checked up entirely free of cost. These numbers have certainly gone a long way in reinforcing the faith of people in Aashray, and spreading goodwill of the prestigious clinic.
The most important things about medical intervention, apart from the fact that it really has to be of a stellar nature, is the fact that it must be ‘timely’ as well. This is where this charitable clinic of ours goes a long way in ensuring just that: to make sure that people get the very basic necessities of life; something that nobody on this earth should be denied of simply because they cannot ‘afford’ it.

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